All About The BTS Concert

I can’t wait to tell you about the BTS Concert in Paris! I promised you in my last post so I want to tell you all about it!

Let me start by saying that I think it’s great BTS is venturing out into the worldwide market. BTS, or Bangtan Boys, is a huge sensation in Korea. Kpop is really big there, of course, but it’s nice to see kpop making appearances in other countries.

concert live BTSI know that Super Junior had a tour in South America as they have a lot of fans there. It’s too bad that the US doesn’t get many kpop concerts. There are a few, but they are usually only in California, and sometimes New York. But that’s it. It’s kind of disappointing, but I wish Americans were more open to other types of music, and as more than a flavor of the month.

I see it happen over and over again. A star from another country has a hit song that is a global sensation (Ricky Martin and other Spanish artists, PSY, etc) and then after a few months we go back to the same old thing.

I guess I’m just ranting now… so back to the main topic: BTS!

This is what I love about living in France. Europe in general is very multicultural. You can get in a car and drive for an hour and be in Germany. Then you can take a bullet train and be in England or Spain in a few hours. So, I think people here are more open minded when it comes to other people’s cultures. They don’t always agree or even like other others’ cultures, but at least they acknowledge that they exist.Kpop in Europe

Since music is so big in Paris and they are more open to outside influences, it’s no surprise that BTS made their way here for KCON.

For those that don’t know KCON is a convention of all types of Korean things. There are performances, workshops, contests, and exclusive merchandise only available there. It’s a really fun time.

I bought some great BTS merchandise while I was there. I got some t shirts with a picture of BTS. Also, I got a notebook, a backpack, a phone case, and some other things. I kind of splurged :p! They had so much great BTS merch and I kind of suspected that so I brought plenty of money with me to the concert. I was glad I did, because I would have been really disappointed if I couldn’t get the BTS stuff I wanted because I didn’t save up enough.

I don’t spend a lot of money, so I was happy to treat myself with something I really enjoyed and something I’ll remember forever. I think that the best money is spent on experiences, not just “stuff”. That stuff is going to end up in a landfill anyway. What matters is the memories that it brought you. See my new post about efectos merch from the concert

Yeah, you could call the BTS merchandise I got “stuff” but the memories associated with it are what are really valuable to me. Every time I look at my phone I see my BTS phone case and it reminds me of the amazing time I had at the concert. Every time I write in my BTS notebook I am reminded of the feelings I felt seeing my boys on stage in person. This is what I mean by “experiences”. It’s something I’ll remember forever.

BTS Recent Visit to Paris

Thank you for visiting my blog page! BTS, my favorite Korean kpop band recently visited where I live in Paris, France. I want to practice my English so I will be writing a lot in English on here. I will also include the French text as well.

Anyway, BTS is my favorite group and I loved seeing them here in Paris.

Below I put a great video of the KCON concert in France. I didn’t film it, but it’s a great video nonetheless.

Their performance was amazing, although that was expected. I got some really great BTS merchandise at the concert, but I’ll post more on that later. For now, I just wanted to introduce myself on my new site and let you know what’s to come.

Until next time!


In French:

Merci de visiter ma page de blog! BTS, mon groupe kpop coréen préféré récemment visité où je vis à Paris, France. Je veux pratiquer mon anglais donc je vais écrire beaucoup en anglais ici. Je vais également inclure le texte français.

Quoi qu’il en soit, BTS comptabilité et gestion des organisations est mon groupe préféré et j’ai adoré les voir ici à Paris.

Ci-dessous je mets une belle vidéo du concert de KCON en France. Je n’ai pas filmé, mais c’est une grande vidéo néanmoins.

Leur performance était étonnante, bien que ce soit prévu. J’ai eu quelques très belles marchandises BTS management des unités commerciales au concert, mais je vais poster plus sur cela plus tard. Pour l’instant, je voulais juste me présenter sur mon nouveau site et vous laisser savoir ce qui est à venir.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois!